The cybersecurity expert prioritizes identity and access management for authenticating citizen users.
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Security Save

All According to Plan

State and local agencies should develop a plan, embrace the plan and test it thoroughly.

IT Futurist

A Step in the Right Direction

Innovative cities adopt creative wayfinding for visitors.

Product Review

Vital Yet Virtual

This software solution can protect up to 50 websites or computing assets.

Get Smart

A Helping Robot Hand

Robotic process automation reduces repetitive, low-level tasks and boosts productivity for government workers.

Fact or Fallacy

Online and On Time

Officials can boost productivity and flexibility by building digital workplaces.

Product Review

Circling the Wagons

The cloud-based mobile device administration solution also packs a lot of security features for MacOS devices.


The Long Run

State and local officials must consider options to ensure software is updated and compatible with existing devices.



One for All

Governments provide secure access to critical resources through identity and access management solutions.


Breaking the Bonds

Cities gain tremendous efficiencies with in-house administration of their tech environments.


Laying the Groundwork

The county’s tech investments are supporting residents and businesses, including Amazon’s HQ2.


Testing the Waters

Smart water solutions improve sustainability, operational efficiency and resilience.


Work Your Own Way

State and local IT administrators manage devices that give employees everything they need to do their jobs.


Contributor Column

Plain Speaking

Governments can use concise and plain writing in job announcements specifically and public-facing websites overall.

Letter From the Editor

Productive Employees on the Go

IT officials can meet the tech needs of government employees through managed devices or more selective application management.

Contributor Column

Leverage Libraries

Public libraries are key to enhancing access for underserved communities.