Sep 19 2016

NASCIO 2016: State CIOs Adapt and Innovate

States looking to move forward on more strategic IT innovation can learn from NASCIO's "2016 State CIO Survey." StateTech spoke with former Colorado CIO Leah Lewis to uncover more advice. Check out all of StateTech's coverage of NASCIO 2016 here.


    Leah Lewis, Director, US Public Sector, Cisco Systems

Video Highlights

  • State IT leaders need to uncover ways to move away from keeping the lights on day to day, to more strategic IT efficiencies and innovation.
  • Shared services models and other shifts in thinking can better prepare state CIOs for new opportunities, such as those uncovered through IoT technologies. 
  • NASCIO's "The Adaptable State CIO," released during the group's annual conference in Orlando, details the findings from the 2016 State CIO Survey.

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