Oct 23 2018

NASCIO 2018: States Move to Protect Voting Ahead of 2018 Elections

During the 2016 election, Russian cyberattackers looking for vulnerabilities scanned 21 state election systems. Since then, states have received federal funding to improve cybersecurity for voting systems and election infrastructure. State CIOs and CISOs have worked with federal and county partners to improve information sharing and bolster security. We spoke with CIOs and CISOs about how they are using technology and training to secure their states' elections. 

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    Aaron Call, Minnesota CISO

    Eric Boyette, North Carolina CIO

    Andy Hanks, Montana CISO

    Chuck Grindle, Kentucky CIO

Video Highlights

  • State governments are working with federal partners and county officials to share information, increase cybersecurity training and boost security. 
  • Network segmentation, or air gapping, is not a foolproof voting security solution, but it can put up barriers to cyberattackers. 
  • Next-generation firewalls and behavior-based security tools can also help states enhance their protections.