Oct 16 2019

NASCIO 2019: How AI Will Help States' Big Data Analysis

Artificial intelligence is a major buzzword in state government technology circles these days, but IT leaders actually see tremendous potential for AI. Specifically, AI-based tools are expected to help public sector agencies analyze the data they collect more efficiently, allowing insights to be gleaned more quickly and services to be improved. At the NASCIO 2019 annual conference in Nashville, Tenn., IT leaders projected out to the future to predict how AI might improve Big Data analysis.  

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    North Dakota CIO Shawn Riley 

    North Carolina CIO Eric Boyette 

    Kentucky CIO Chuck Grindle 

    Ohio CIO Ervan Rodgers

    Tennessee Deputy CIO JP McInnes

Video Highlights

  • Artificial intelligence tools can help state agencies clean reams of data and glean insights from it. 
  • That analysis can help inform state governments as they craft new policies. 
  • AI-based tools can be used to improve services in a variety of areas, including battling the opioid crisis and other public health challenges, and drought management.