Mar 02 2020

The State of Election 2020 Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity concerns are top of mind for election officials going into the November 2020 election. The threat is more than just to voting machines and voter rolls, experts say. State and local election officials and cybersecurity leaders need to be aware of social media manipulation, deepfakes and disinformation. At RSA 2020, we spoke with a wide range of cybersecurity experts about the nature of the election security threat and how state and local authorities are responding.  

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    Ron Bushar, Global Government CTO, FireEye

    Gabe Whalen, Principal Field Solution Architect, CDW  

    Sean Frazier, Federal Advisory CISO, Cisco

    Matt Olney, Director, Talos Threat Intelligence and Interdiction, Cisco 

    Srini Subramanian, Principal, State Sector Leader, Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory 




Video Highlights

  • State-sponsored actors are going to continue to attack the integrity of U.S. elections ahead of November, targeting voting infrastructure and spreading disinformation. 
  • State and local officials can work with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to counter threats. 
  • State and county election officials need clear communication strategies with each other and to the voting public, especially about where and how to get accurate information.