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Feb 07 2023

New York Consolidates Duplicate Logins as It Works Toward Single, Verified Login

The identity and access management initiative aims to streamline how residents connect with government benefits from various state agencies while boosting security.

The New York Office of IT Services is in the second phase of implementing ID+, a single, verified login across state government to simplify how residents access services.

Phase two of the one-ID plan involves consolidating existing duplicate accounts, an optional process for users with select applications initially.

ITS recognized that many New Yorkers have different usernames and passwords for various agency websites and apps, which creates confusion, results in forgotten credentials, presents security risks and leads to duplication of effort logging in. Gov. Kathy Hochul announced ID+ would launch later in 2023, during her State of the State address Jan. 10.

When it’s fully implemented, the one-ID approach “will help the state better prevent fraud and allow eligible New Yorkers to more easily interact with their government and receive benefits they need and deserve,” Scott Reif, ITS spokesperson, told StateTech.

Those benefits include child care assistance; tax credits; and critical food benefits for women, infants and children, Reif added.

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New York's Multiphased Approach to ID Services

ITS has completed phase one of ID+, which prevents the creation of duplicate accounts. The agency estimates it’s blocked the creation of about 496,000 potential duplicate accounts since the capability went live.

Phase three of the program will be the soft launch of ID proofing, the verification of a user’s identity once the required information is provided. Phase four will bring full-service ID proofing. ID+ will give users full control of their personal information.

“In addition, it will provide baseline efficiencies that further improve processes going forward,” said state CIO Tony Riddick in a statement. “We commend Gov. Hochul for recognizing that interacting with state government does not have to be a difficult experience, and for her support of this comprehensive initiative that will strengthen our relationship with our customers and get them the assistance they need and deserve.”

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New York’s Other Security Priority: Critical Infrastructure

In addition to the launch of the ID+ identity and access management initiative, Hochul proposed a $42.6 million budget increase on Feb. 1 for state and local cyberdefense and response efforts.

Chief among those is the establishment of a specialized industrial control systems assessment team to enhance the resiliency of critical infrastructure facilities statewide. The New York Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services’ Office of Counter Terrorism would oversee the team’s creation, and they would work together to protect energy, transportation and manufacturing ICS.

“The frequency, magnitude and impact of cyberattacks have increased, but we will continue to take bold measures to secure and protect New York’s critical infrastructure,” Hochul said during her State of the State address. “The industrial control systems assessment team, coupled with record investments, will support physical security and cybersecurity assessment programs to help facilities improve their cybersecurity posture, creating a safer and more secure Empire State.”

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