Jan 02 2024

5 Ways Internet of Things Devices Can Benefit Public Safety

These use cases demonstrate how surveillance cameras, drones and sensors can be force multipliers.

Internet of Things devices provide state and local agencies with a force multiplier. These technologies make data collection and processing more efficient, allowing for quicker and more accurate responses in an emergency. 

Here are five questions to ask when considering IoT devices for public safety.

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1. How Can IoT Devices Mitigate Damage by Natural Disasters?

IoT sensors that can detect natural disasters are being strategically placed to monitor severe weather events and proactively notify emergency personnel. Flooding, fires and even air quality can be monitored. This technology can help save lives by providing timely alerts to city officials, enabling effective disaster management and issuing relevant warnings to residents to minimize casualties during emergencies.

2. How Can IoT Devices Help Keep Roads Safe?

License plate detection cameras offer a range of capabilities that can help law enforcement. They aid in tasks ranging from identifying expired registrations to locating stolen vehicles. This support can be especially beneficial to departments facing staffing constraints.

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3. Can IoT Devices Help Track First Responders?

GPS-enabled devices are critical for managing natural disasters or emergencies where there is high demand on first responders. In these situations, GPS can pinpoint a first responder’s location when other communication methods or devices have failed.

4. What Can IoT Devices Do to Deter Crime?

Surveillance cameras are invaluable to emergency services, aiding in predictive policing, capturing traffic incidents and more. Cameras can detect patterns over time to help facilitate swift police response.

5. Is It Possible for IoT Devices to Collect Data over Distances?

Drone cameras are a great way to help collect essential information during an emergency. A drone camera can fly overhead and collect crucial details about a situation in real time without putting people at risk.

Getty Images: Jackie Niam, Penti-Stock

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