Deployments boost productivity for workers in the field.

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Tech Trends

All for One

Smaller form factors, ease of management and convenience spark a move toward all-in-one PCs.

Best Practices

Stay Cool

IT leader shares lessons learned from replacing power and cooling units for energy efficiency.

Strategy and Innovation

By the Numbers

Get the facts and figures surrounding this best practice.

Strategy and Innovation

Spotlight on Continuous Monitoring

IT leader shares thoughts on applying this practice within his organization.


John Tolva

John Tolva talks transparency, analytics and mobile apps.

Best Practices

Think Big

Lay the proper foundation for advanced applications by upgrading network infrastructure.

Tech Watch

Road Show

Outfitted with a notebook, judges can conduct court from home.

Product Review

Mission Control

Product delivers enterprise-class features at a modest price.

Product Review

Travel Light

Computer travels light yet boasts strong security features.

Tech Tips

Controlling the Client

Deploy a multilayered approach to protect these endpoints.

Tech Tips

Scan the Crowd

Learn how active and passive techniques enhance security.



Smart Policing

Tools help police departments focus on proactive crime prevention.


Wear It Well

Body-worn devices collect evidence and increase transparency.


Eliminating the Bus Bunch

Technology is keeping public transit running on time.


Driving Innovation

Tablets and mobile apps keep vehicles on schedule and riders informed.


Letter From the Editor

Gaining Field Support

Law enforcement, inspectors and caseworkers benefit from mobile gear.

Smart IT

Energizing Ideas

Hardware and software to keep your servers running smoothly.

Smart IT

It Takes a Community to Raise a Community

Oakland County, Mich., engages residents to contribute ideas for governing.