Agencies ditch old infrastructure  in favor of innovative technology that saves money and space.

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Big City, Big Goals

Los Angeles Information Technology Agency’s Steve Reneker discusses major IT initiatives the city has in progress.

Tech Trends

Hitting the Streets

Local governments are outfitting police motorcycles with technology that boosts efficiency and traffic safety.

Tech Tips

Maintaining an Always-On Infrastructure

Support cloud workloads and strike out downtime with these tips.

Tech Insights

Set It and Forget It

The new system enables the Sheriff’s Office to issue warrants and apprehend suspects in the same day.

Tech Forward

Body Work

How corrections and healthcare industries are piloting body-adaptive electronics to improve public safety and patient care.

Product Review

Eco-Friendly Companion

The Acer TravelMate P255 sports an ultralow voltage processor and power-saving features.

Product Review

Flexible Computing

The detachable keyboard quickly transforms this tablet into a full-size notebook.



Cloud-y Understanding

As states and localities place software and infrastructure in the cloud, they face a number of complex options.


City vs. Country

Nearly all of the nation’s public libraries provide their communities with Wi-Fi, vast online resources and technology skills training.


United Front

Governments strengthen their security posture by centralizing endpoint and network protection across agencies.


Better Living Through Technology

Promising pilots show how the Internet of Things can improve everything from air quality to traffic flow.


From the Editor

Innovation Everywhere

Governments rely on cloud services to store and transmit sensor data for Internet of Things rollouts.

Smart IT

Cloud Construction

Heed these tips for getting the most out of your cloud investments.

Contributor Column

Teachable Moment

Florida’s decision to bring back the state CIO emphasizes the importance of executive support for IT.