As mobile and wireless technology become ubiquitous, government agencies and nonprofits are finding innovative ways to use mobility to further their missions.

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Product Review

The Power of Multitasking

This converged management appliance enables remote administration.

CIO Interview

The Philadelphia Story

Chief Innovation Officer Adel Ebeid shares how he divides his focus between IT operations and civic technology.

Best Practices

Sharing in Private

States and localities that want to embark on a similar cloud computing model must first implement a series of key technologies.

Tech Trends

Storage Makeover

Localities gain ease of management, fault tolerance and redundancy from the technology.

Tech Forward

Augmented Reality Check

The technology can aid city planning and public safety.

Tech Tips

Follow these pointers to make the most of the popular productivity suite on the device.

Product Review

Active Duty

Samsung has improved on its best-selling Galaxy S4 Android smartphone by tweaking the design to withstand harsh conditions in the field.



On the Docket

Collaboration and data sharing enable justice agencies to reduce costs and improve their workflow.


Quantum Shift

Infrastructure as a Service frees agencies from antiquated IT systems and provides them with new technologies and services at reduced cost.


Analytical Eye

Everything from building safety to child welfare can benefit from the use of Big Data.


Tear Down the Walls

Here's how Bedford County, Va., and the town of Bedford joined forces to save money and improve services.


Smart IT

The New Management Challenge

As mobility grows, so do IT administrative responsibilities associated with this new movement.

Contributor Column

Held Hostage

Rather than pay to release files, agencies should rely on backups.

Letter From the Editor

A New Landscape

The StateTech website has been redesigned to serve readers on all types of devices.