Cities and counties deploy cameras for evidence, surveillance and perimeter security.

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Product Review

New and Improved

Samsung enhances the design of its appealing Chromebook.

Tech Trends

A Smooth Transition

Governments find that purpose-built backup appliances save time and money as they migrate away from tape systems.

Tech Tips

Juggling Act

OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 enable users to seamlessly pick up midtask on another device.

Tech Watch

Going Directly to the Source

Emerging technology decouples storage and servers.


Forward Momentum

The city and county of San Francisco aim to transform service delivery.

Product Review

A Manageable Task

Mobile device management software upgrade makes it easier to secure clients.



All Shapes and Sizes

Cities and states embrace XaaS by sending anything and everything to the cloud.


Cable Cutting

Some IT leaders foresee doing away with network cabling to the desktop.


Out With the Old

Upgrading hardware and software reduces overall support costs and energy consumption.


The Fab Five

Agencies chose these five smartphone and tablet models for maximum versatility.


From the Editor

Watchful Eye

Explore the growing world of video surveillance and the increased importance of 802.11ac wireless standard in the latest issue of StateTech.

Smart IT

Easing Cloud Procurement

Georgia CTO recommends using model contract terms and conditions.

Smart IT

Joining Forces

Public contracts can offer significant savings on software, hardware and IT services.

Smart IT

Advanced Placement

Governments tend to opt for those that are easiest to implement.