Law enforcement agencies have sought to increase transparency with in-car digital recording systems that document interactions with the public. 

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Product Review

Recording Star

Software offers powerful conferencing features at a reasonable price.

Tech Tips

Missed Connections

Mobile users must heed a few pointers when they connect another device through a smartphone’s or tablet’s cellular modem.


Informed Decisions

Threat intelligence software can help state and local governments detect threats more quickly and accurately.

Product Review

Distinguishing Features

This solid-performing notebook offers mid-tier features at an entry-level price.

Tech Trends

Traveling WAN

Mobile gateways improve communications by turning vehicles into rolling hotspots.

Innovation in Action

Blending Old and New

Emerging standard preserves legacy CAT 5e and CAT 6 cable.



Building a Better Tomorrow

Inspectors use specialized software to identify properties for repair or demolition.


Broadband Beckons Businesses

Municipalities increasingly offer high-speed Internet service to businesses and residents to spur economic development.


Damage Control

Top IT security officials in Iowa and Oregon have built incident response teams and act quickly to mitigate damage.


At Capacity

Grappling with large volumes of surveillance video footage, public-safety agencies seek new storage solutions to keep pace with growth.


From the Editor

Win-Win Technology

Police departments are expected to increase deployments of video surveillance technologies — in particular, wearable cameras — this year.

Smart IT

Sayonara, SQL Server 2005

There’s still time to plot your upgrade strategy before Microsoft ceases support this spring.

Contributor Column

Lost in Translation

Video interpretation solutions ensure fair trials for all.