Leaders in Alaska and Minnesota find innovative ways to extend network communications in out-of-the-way and harsh terrain.

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Product Review

Do More with Flash

The new storage array offers remarkable power and next-gen capabilities.

Get Smart

The Case for Colocation

Budget savings and operational flexibility make a strong business case for colocation arrangements.

Security Save

Under the Radar

Deploy built-in security features and best practices to keep printers safe.

Tech Trends

Make Way for the Flash

Data-intensive smart city and state initiatives benefit from high performance in all-flash storage deployments.

IT Futurist

What Follows Moore’s Law?

Tinier chips may not get us much further, but that doesn’t mean innovation halts when Moore’s Law hits a wall.

Tech Tips

Ready to Install?

These five tips can keep updates for the new Microsoft OS from creating havoc in your users’ workday.

Product Review

Redefine the Conference Room

With a large display, interactive whiteboard and a full version of Windows 10, the Surface Hub is more than just a pretty screen.


Feature Sidebar

Two If By Sea

Challenged with specific environmental limitations, the residents of this iconic stretch of New England built its own middle mile network.

Feature Sidebar

Technology Initiatives Bolster Innovation

More states are tapping into the power of technology innovation to stimulate local economies.


Millennial Workforces, Millennial Citizens

As workers and as citizens, the largest U.S. generation embraces and expects a digital-first mindset.


Prepare to Fly

States and cities looking to implement Internet of Things applications must ensure that their infrastructure can support them.


Fire Starter

Investments in IT infrastructure, startups and nascent tech-focused industries are already producing big payoffs.


At Your Service

Tight budgets and small size lead local governments to pool resources to improve technology programs.


From the Editor

Accelerated Economy

Initiatives in states such as Colorado and Virginia demonstrate the public sector’s critical role in innovation and incubation.

Contributor Column

Come Together

File sharing, unified communications and mobility keep remote staff working in sync.

Contributor Column

Why Bother?

The Internet of Things offers so much potential for states willing to take the leap and make the investments.