While California has been a national leader in digital services, its IT chief believes officials could do more to boost cyberdefenses.
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Get Smart

The Challenges of Multiple Migrations

Once government agencies adopt Infrastructure as a Service, they face new challenges in public or hybrid cloud maintenance.

Product Review

Virtual Snapshot

The latest from the virtualization giant supports 16 vCPUs on high-resolution monitors across many operating systems.


Windows Replacement

These five questions will help state and local government agencies through the planning and tool selection process for a Windows 10 migration.

Product Review

Server Stabilizer

The extra features of this appliance make it appealing to a state or local agency’s balance sheet.

Security Save

Blended Defense

Separate security tools can work collectively through an interoperability boost, centralized management or intelligence gathering.

Tech Tips

Appealing to the Senses

While federal Section 508 regulations do not apply to state governments, agencies can do a lot to enable services for those with disabilities.

IT Futurist

Resource Pools on Demand

With composable infrastructure, public sector systems that rely on legacy hardware can see improvements in efficiency and reductions in energy waste.



Swift Justice

With testimony via telepresence, judges hear cases faster and defendants see less jail time.


Beyond Signatures

With advanced endpoint protection, states deploy AI to gain greater visibility into cyberattacks.


Safety in Numbers

The centers consolidate state governments' IT security efforts, mitigate attacks and prepare tomorrow’s workforce.


Requests Resolved

Updating antiquated systems results in more efficient internal processes as well as faster response times for residents.


Crystal Clear

To improve constituent services and employee communication, agencies turn to video screens to broadcast information more efficiently.


Contributor Column

Elevating Data

Gaining advantages from the physical world, states and cities may collect data through the Internet of Things to improve services.

Letter From the Editor

Have IT Your Way

Insiders unlock white papers, videos, in-depth features and more — all curated for individual readers on a custom dashboard.

Contributor Column

Answering the Call

More states have appointed CDOs, assigning responsibility for integrating data to improve government services to a single individual capable of making a difference.