State and local governments increasingly turn to drones to provide surveillance in places that are hard to reach.
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Tech Trends

Better Storage in a Flash

State and local governments share how all-flash arrays support their ambitions.

Security Save

Ready and Able

The Homeland Security Continuous Detection and Monitoring Program offers a four-phase initiative to control hardware and software assets.


Strategic Transformer

Once confined to a single large services provider, Virginia looks forward to multisourcing to fulfill its IT requirements.

Get Smart

The No-Collar Workforce

Repetitive tasks best left to artificial intelligence software can free government workers to do more for their constituents.

Product Review

Email Enforcer

With threat screening and message scanning, users can quickly and easily identify and isolate malware and other attacks.

Tech Tips

Extend or Upgrade?

As popular Microsoft server products approach end of life, agencies have a few options to extend support.

Product Review

A Colorful Alternative

With its compact size and high output, this printer offers a great deal of capability and functionality.

Tech Tips

Who’s There?

A powerful Cisco tool for identity management requires careful consideration during deployment.



The Best of Both Worlds

Sometimes, governments benefit from on-premises computing. In other cases, cloud provides good solutions.


An Invisible Touch

With smart meters backed by cloud services, cities see clearly how much water and energy is being used and where.


A More Muscular 911

By taking advantage of advanced communications tech, public safety agencies work better together to ensure a safer public.


Innovate to Facilitate

Whether administered by counties, cities or nonprofits, innovation labs provide a means to apply new tech to old problems.


Letter From the Editor

Comfort in the Cloud

State and local agencies turn to the model to strike a balance between what to keep private and what to resource publicly.

Contributor Column

Connecting Public Safety

The development of the first responder dedicated broadband network yields benefits for emergency response and communities at large.

Contributor Column

Good Customer Service

State and local agencies can plan for improved outcomes with the help of a single digital services organization and unified identity management.