Transit agencies boost efficiency, resiliency and safety through IT modernization and the Internet of Things.
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Digital Director

The IT chief in the Lone Star State also tackles priorities ranging from remote work to cybersecurity.

Security Save

Pass It On

Examine a host of resources for upskilling or reskilling agency employees.

Fact or Fallacy

Higher Frequencies

The Internet of Things largely does not require 5G to deliver on the potential of smart city applications.

Product Review

Sharper Images

Viewers can socially distance and still see detailed information without trouble.

Tech Tips

What a Drag

Try these measures to boost slow-performing network bandwidth in cramped quarters.

IT Futurist

The 18th Measure

As bad actors become bolder, agencies must get smarter and they are using artificial intelligence to to do so.

Product Review

Grab and Go

Bring a big screen to makeshift workspaces and kitchen tables.


Think Smart, City

What does digital transformation mean for a city or county?



Within Hearing Distance

Conducting judicial business remotely requires video and sound upgrades.


Automated Advantage

Government agencies find flexibility, scalability and a reduction in human error through automation.


Standing By for Takeoff

Transportation authorities respond to demands for wireless broadband with new tech.


The Last Mile

To tackle the digital divide, many municipalities administer government-run public networks.


Letter From the Editor

At Your Service

State and local governments engage in new ways, reimagining outmoded ways of doing business.

Contributor Column

Broadening Horizons

Grappling with solutions for people with disabilities produces good for everyone.

Contributor Column

Cooler Heads

Adoption of electric vehicles requires an evolution in culture as well as technology.