Administrators are using a mix of tools and training to detect, stop and contain delivery of malware to employee inboxes.
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Product Review

A Sociable Scout

This easy-to-understand platform fully tracks and optimizes elements within complex environments.

Security Save

Tuning the Controls

CrowdStrike recommends implementing physical, technical and administrative controls.

Tech Tips

Optimizing Hybrid Clouds

State and local agencies must do an appropriate amount of planning to gain the most from their investments.

Fact or Fallacy

Flexibility and Continuity

Agencies can hold data on-premises and yet share it in a hybrid cloud environment.


Pragmatic Decision Maker

The state’s top tech official has his finger on the pulse of the government technology environment.


Serve Up SQL Support

Extended support is available no matter the version in use, but know the details before bypassing an update.

Product Review

The Dream Teams

State and local agencies can ensure smooth and secure collaboration with this full conferencing system.

Lessons Learned

A Record-Keeping Revolution

The office’s first CIO has embraced digital transformation to reinvent record-keeping procedures.



Beat the Traffic

Data collected from the Internet of Things provides states, counties and cities with visibility into roadway challenges.


See, Hear and Speak

Integrated telephone and messaging systems simplify task management for local agencies.


Long Live the Data Center

Local governments refreshed their legacy infrastructure to enhance IT services.


An Object Lesson

Local agencies explore solutions that can provide more (and longer) storage for critical video footage.


Contributor Column

Building the Future

Strong IT investment management is a building block of EPM, which also requires strong enterprise architecture planning.

Letter From the Editor

To Bridge the Divide

Cloud apps and services can spur collaboration between organizations that hold data on-premises.

Contributor Column

Privacy, Please

Agencies must prioritize the protection of citizen data.