Officials modernize IT systems to ensure votes are counted swiftly, securely and accurately.
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Cloud Cartographer

The chief of Vermont’s Agency of Digital Services must balance internal and external demands.

Lessons Learned

The Neighborhood Network

The city enhanced connectivity for neighborhoods in need in partnership with Cisco.

Tech Tips

Sitting on Cloud Nine

Agencies need solutions that simplify security and provide cross-platform visibility in a multicloud environment.


Friends in High Places

These use cases demonstrate how surveillance cameras, drones and sensors can be force multipliers.

Get Smart

Answers in a Snap

State and local agencies should consider multichannel, automated and data-driven approaches to fielding citizen inquiries.

Security Save

Handle with Care

State and local admins should assess identity management, network and digital infrastructure, and continuous monitoring and improvement.

Product Review

Virtually Perfect

This virtualization application helps state and local agencies make the most of their data center infrastructure.

Product Review

Taking Stock

State and local governments can prioritize and mitigate dangerous, hidden vulnerabilities.



A Clean Sweep

Vehicle telematics optimizes routes, conserves fuel and supports maintenance.


Making a Fresh Start

Virtual desktop infrastructure keeps employees on the same page, wherever they may work.


These Go to 11

Upgrading agencies to the powerful new operating system requires careful planning.


Confronting Food Insecurity

Service providers improve distribution identification and speed of benefits to eligible citizens.


Letter From the Editor

Many government employees will soon first use artificial intelligence on the job.

Contributor Column

Paying Down Technical Debt

The cost of failing to modernize can be greater than the price of refreshing systems.

Contributor Column

Dive into Data

Colorado, Hawaii and Maryland use machine learning to analyze information and produce real-world policy improvements.