With a focus on digital services, the state’s IT secretary seeks to do more for everyone.
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Lessons Learned

Swift Justice

The judicial system has embraced previously unused Microsoft tools, including Sentinel, Defender, Purview and Intune.

Product Review

Government on the Go

The cloud-based platform acts securely, carrying settings across instances for a uniform experience.

Tech Tips

A Warm Welcome

Agencies can adopt solutions that support a great digital experience for employees, wherever they go.


Nonstop Monitoring

Get the facts about this active monitoring authentication method.

Product Review

Find Your Zen

This sleek notebook features a travel-ready solid-state drive inside its lightweight frame.

Get Smart

Smooth Transition

End of life for Windows 10 is October 2025. Stay ahead of the game with this action plan for making the upgrade.

Security Save

The No-Stress OS

The OS update better protects government from evolving cyberthreats.



A Growth Experience

Governments boost contact centers to assist the most vulnerable.


Something to Write Home About

Through cloud-powered solutions, agencies are analyzing data to address homelessness.


Built to Scale

Modern benefits systems handle large volume and remain available 24/7.


Precise and Polyglot

Automating tasks via artificial intelligence improves interaction with residents seeking services.


Standing Shoulder to Shoulder

Cybersecurity solutions work together to ensure verification of users and devices.


Contributor Column

Gaining Ground

State and local governments enlist outside expertise to gain competencies in the latest innovations.

Letter From the Editor

Meeting the Moment

States, counties and cities are fulfilling the needs of citizens when they need help.

Contributor Column

Opportunity Knocks

Artificial intelligence can tackle challenges in public safety, transportation and workplace productivity.