Sep 19 2016

NASCIO 2016: Partnerships Improve States' Cybersecurity Posture

Beyond deploying the right mix of technology to meet cybersecurity threats head on, enlist partners in the battle to ensure everyone works on common security goals. Check out all of StateTech's coverage of NASCIO 2016 here.


    • Stu Davis, CIO, State of Ohio
    • Jim Smith, CIO, State of Maine
    • Dewand Neely, CIO, State of Indiana
    • Michael Watson, CISO, Virginia Information Technologies Agency

Video Highlights

  • States cannot do it alone and should enlist a variety of partners to combat cybersecurity threats, from localities and municipalities, to federal agencies and academia.
  • New technology and approaches to monitoring risks are gaining importance in the cybersecurity toolbox.
  • States can learn a great deal from each other when it comes to understanding new ways to ensure data and network security. 

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