A smart city initiative heralds resiliency, efficiency and democratization for the City Beautiful.
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Tech Trends

Seamless Safeguard

IT administrators find it easy to control access to resources with cloud access products.


VDI vs. DaaS

The two methods of virtualization have clear differences; understanding them can guide a decision for IT leaders.

Tech Tips

All the Right Moves

Unified endpoint management tools can simplify and streamline device management — for agencies that are ready to implement them.


Geospatial Investigator

Mark Wheeler integrates programs with help from his background with the city’s geospatial data office.

Security Save

No Longer Hidden

As smart cities increasingly depend on the Internet of Things, ICS technology becomes a bigger target for cyberattacks.

Get Smart

Dive Deeply

IT managers may already be familiar with databases but data lakes provide a different set of challenges.

Product Review

Fortify Your Outposts

Designed for drag-and-drop protection at satellite and regional offices, this security device punches above its weight.

Product Review

Sharp System

Agencies with high-volume storage needs can rely on this low-latency, maximum-performance device.



Straight from the Top

Security software often gathers information that empowers a manager to disseminate tips to stakeholders.


Tough Enough

Police officers on patrol bring ruggedized technology along for the ride.


Level the Playing Field

State and local agencies synchronize email solutions with cloud-based services.


In Plain Sight

Community media centers provide public access through powerful video technology.


From the Editor

Transparent Governance

When investing in technology platforms, IT leaders must consider transparency and consistency in data transfer.

Contributor Column

Bridging the Talent Gap

State and local agencies can forge partnerships and invest in technologies that can increase the number of qualified IT hires.

Contributor Column

Frontline Defense

The federally funded information sharing and analysis center provides free help to large and small government agencies.