John Paul Farmer, a former Microsoft executive, sees the provision of digital services as intrinsically linked to closing the digital divide — at home and on mobile.
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Product Review

Threats Made Visible

Software defeats ransomware with automatic monitoring and file rollbacks

Tech Trends

Machine Learning Curve

Online software like chatbots provide consistency of service to citizens 24/7.


High Density

We answer the key questions about the new wireless standard for crowded government offices.

Security Save

A Clean Getaway

Prevention and response planning are key for in-house teams or managed service providers.

Product Review

Hang Tough

Designed for first responders, the Toughbook 55 offers powerful processing and survivability.

Tech Tips

Tag, You’re It

Develop a taxonomy to locate resources quickly and easily in the cloud.

Get Smart

Wi-Fi for the People

Cities should contemplate these factors when establishing public wireless access.



Double Duty

Some cities and counties eliminate the worry of outages by investing in two running data centers.


Shifting into High Gear

Departments of motor vehicles are carefully navigating difficult challenges and finding new ways to succeed at modernizing legacy systems.


Stacking Credentials

Public libraries help job seekers navigate employment shifts amid growing digital demands.


Collaborative Defense

The Wolverine State is one of a number of states partnering with local communities to improve preparedness and response.


Smooth Operators

Transit agencies deploy in-vehicle routers and cloud technology to keep rail and bus service on track.


Letter From the Editor

Digital Innovation

Digital government and innovation are closely linked to improved customer experience.

Contributor Column

Plain as Day

With the right people and platforms, business intelligence can do a lot to serve citizens.

Contributor Column

Sacred Rights

Ransomware attacks, disinformation campaigns and nation-state attacks threaten the November election.