Cloud-based tools help scrub and organize data for easy viewing and sharing.
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CIO Interview

Leading Light

The president of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers values the processes and standards that will serve the next administration.

Product Review

Perfectly Captured

This scanner provides great image quality backed by industry-leading reliability.

Product Review

Good Things in Small Packages

This wireless router can withstand extreme temperatures and shocks to remain connected.

Tech Tips

Optimal Resources

State and local agencies can produce efficiencies and maximize manpower with IT modernization.

Security Save

Hybrid and Hygienic

Security managers should be wary of hardware and software used by teleworkers and hybrid offices.

IT Futurist

Overcoming Occlusions

Computer vision and machine learning may help first responders overcome obstructions to what they can see.

Get Smart

Living on the Edge

Practical considerations may determine how to network cameras together, depending on their physical location.


A Wealth of Capabilities

Cities can reap tremendous benefits from moving surveillance to an IP network.



Life Lessons

Via cloud-based test beds, municipalities leverage applications to tackle challenges from graffiti to parking.


A Bundle of Energy

Government-owned suppliers can save time and money while placing power in the hands of their customers.


Running a Tight Ship

Wide sharing of shipment data may produce a more resilient supply chain.


Cloud of Suspicion

Agencies can share digital evidence faster as they receive more and more video, email and other digital records.


From the Editor

Quick on Your Feet

Citizens benefit from a delivery of minimum functionality in a short time frame.

Contributor Column

Strike a Balance

Duplicative and conflicting requests have a real cost for understaffed state governments.

Contributor Column

The Path Forward

Stakeholders provide input to high-speed internet authorities wherever they reside.