Government IT leaders have many options for updating their computing facilities, including converged infrastructures, cloud and colocation.

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Strategy and Innovation

Boosting Capacity for BYOD

Governments upgrade networks to keep up with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets.

Product Review

Bottleneck Buster

Accelerator acts as high-speed cache to speed performance.

Tech Watch

Fighting Dirty

Isolating unknown traffic complements existing security measures.

Tech Tips

Take It from the Top

Configure this gear consistently to achieve a successful architecture.

Tech Watch

Computing on a Stick

State and local governments are benefiting from reduced hardware costs and happier employees.

Best Practices

Mobile Madness

Try these tips for successful mobile device management rollouts.

Product Review

A Familiar Friend

Apps abound for this Windows 8 Professional tablet.


Usha Mohan

Mohan taps technology to improve quality of life for citizens.

Best Practices

Point Taken

Every device is a security risk. Here's how to create a sound endpoint protection strategy.

Tech Tips

Safe Movement

Be aware that the protocol presents different security concerns than its predecessor.



Custom Made

Local governments use customer relationship management platforms to develop applications that boost productivity while improving constituent services.


Game Changers

Agencies use points and coins to spark action in the workplace and the community.


Steering Committee

Project management gains importance as IT organizations deal with increasing technology complexity and shorter time-to-delivery requirements.


Just the Ticket

City replaces individual meters with pay-by-plate solution.


Contributor Column

Advancing the Modern Workplace

Focus on managing the work and not the people.

Letter From the Editor

Future-Proof Computing

IT leaders tap unified computing, virtualization and cloud technologies to transform infrastructure.

Smart IT

A Better World, Bit by Bit

Analytics can uncover fraud, reduce crime and improve overall quality of life.