From budgeting and procurement to compliance, moving resources offsite offers game-changing benefits.

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Get Smart

Migration Maxims

The city of Brockton, Mass., reveals the lessons learned from a transition to cloud-based email and storage.

IT Futurist

Fog Up

Keep processing location flexible to harness ever-increasing volumes of information.

Product Review

We found the ideal defense against cybercriminals who have learned how to get around basic network protections.

Product Review

Print and Go

Public safety and field employees can access documents anywhere with this mobile solution.

Security Save

Threat Ready

Hackers use a vulnerability in one system to attack others. Here’s how you can fight back.

Tech Insights

Big Data Offers Big Benefits

As buzz around Big Data grows, look beneath the hype to determine if it’s time to dive in.

Tech Tips

Space Savers

Keep agency operations running smoothly with these space-maximizing tips.


Ahead of the Game

Boosting cybersecurity efforts and streamlining procurement are just two of the chief information officer’s top priorities.



Send a Message

Protect your systems from the scourge that can bring malware, viruses and ransomware.


The Big Move

Careful planning and the right support ensure a smooth transition for state and local agencies.


To the Rescue

Officials focus on new and developing measures to protect against DDoS attacks, hackers and ransomware.


Road Show

Connected and autonomous vehicle programs boost safety and reduce congestion in Wyoming, Columbus, Ohio, and Las Vegas.


From the Editor

Guardians of 911

Recent attacks should serve as a wakeup call to bolster the system’s security.

Contributor Column

Agile Delivers Results

State CIO Thomas A. Baden Jr. explains how the incremental, managed approach helps his team deliver better IT services.

Contributor Column

Rethink the RFP

Technology and procurement professionals work together to modernize the IT buying process.