Agencies that automate essential tasks report huge savings on time, money and personnel.
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Product Review

A Novel Approach to Endpoint Protection

Unlike signature-based anti-virus solutions, Cb Defense from Carbon Black studies each endpoint’s normal state to help spot anything out of the ordinary.


Serious About Security

Mike Steinmetz says changing culture and educating the public on cybersafety are early successes in the state.

IT Futurist

Cool Savings

The move to liquid offers several benefits for smart cities, but risk-averse managers are treading cautiously.

Product Review

Flash Forward

Features include high-efficiency snapshots, clones, deduplication, compression, replication and ability to create cloud tiers in addition to local storage tiers.

Tech Forward

Lock it Down

Between cryptocurrencies and transactional transparency, there's much ado about blockchain for state and local governments. Here, we sift out myth from reality.

Tech Insights

Simplifying Single Sign-On

The right approach can optimize SSO’s benefits for users while minimizing demands on IT staff.


Consolidation Nation

As more states seek to grab the benefits of consolidation, these tips can smooth the process.

Security Save

Stamp Out Security Bugs

Enlisting the skills of hackers can help agencies uncover dangerous vulnerabilities.

Tech Tips

Optimize Your Use of All-Flash Arrays

Follow these tips to improve the results of your solid-state storage systems.



Cut the Cord

Legacy PBX telephone setups give way to modern unified communications and collaboration platforms that bring greater cost savings to government.


Designing the Data Center

Close coordination between IT and facilities teams can help improve efficiency, performance and flexibility.


Better, Faster, Stronger

Efficiency and cost benefits await agencies that deploy application or desktop virtualization on hyperconverged infrastructure realize efficiency and cost benefits.


Now Hiring

As their older employees continue to retire in large numbers, IT departments and CIOs try new and innovative ways to deal with the change and recruit new talent.


Letter From the Editor

We Can Do More With Less

With the right IT, shoestring budgets can play nice with the need for greater efficiency in local government.

Contributor Column

Clearing Up the Cloud

Don’t believe the hype. Migrating to the cloud doesn’t add risk, it just changes it.

Contributor Column

The Data Breach Dilemma

As breaches increase, there's more that governments can do to protect citizen data.