This group of cities is leading the way on sharing smart city data and breaking down silos in city government to better serve residents.
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Security Vanguard

The veteran IT administrator presses forward on cloud migration and security assessments to produce results.

IT Futurist

Are You Ready for 6G?

The Internet of Everything will be powered by the next generation of wireless communication.

Product Review

A Classic Combination

Elegant design and user-friendly features make this a great complement for the iPad Pro.

Product Review

A Friend to the Inbox

The cloud-based platform can protect all aspects of email communication.


This Upgrade Goes to 11

Extra security and easier modernization are part of the new operating system.

Tech Tips

Giant Strides

Agencies must streamline management, ensure security and control the costs of cloud resources.

Fact or Fallacy

Silver Linings

Weigh frequently cited obstacles to adopting cloud to determine their true degree of impact.

Get Smart

A Methodical Move

There are several paths IT officials can take to improve legacy computing, whether agencies remain on-premises or adopt cloud services.



A Vital Lifeline

Officials see internet access as critical to digital access in many communities.


Big Data, Small Footprint

State and local governments downsize space and staff requirements with consolidation.


Everything in Its Place

Cities and state agencies modernize IT delivery with IT services management.


Moving Beyond Mainframes

Agencies seek options that lower costs, simplify support and build toward the future.


Contributor Column

A Transformational Mindset

Officials also must question if they are applying the right solutions at the right time.

Letter From the Editor

The Migration Gambit

Agencies may find cybersecurity relief through reallocation of responsibilities.

Contributor Column

All Together Now

Agencies should strengthen diversity throughout their contracting base.