Municipalities upgrading lamps also get a big jump on communications projects.
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CIO Interview

Chief Unification Officer

After more than a year on the job, Ahern identifies a convergence of threats that call for a unified response.

Tech Tips

Copy Data in the Cloud

State and local agencies shouldn’t assume data stored in Software as a Service solutions or elsewhere can’t be lost.

Get Smart

Ideal or Idle Chat?

The Virginia IT Agency documents some advantages and issues some warnings for the popular artificial intelligence technology.

Product Review

A Successful Business

The readily deployed customer relationship management tool boosts citizen interaction and streamlines internal processes.

Fact or Fallacy

Eyes Wide Open

Law enforcement agencies benefit from this rapidly evolving video surveillance technology.

Product Review

Sudden Network

This device is fast, robust and quickly connects to peripherals — all benefits to state and local governments.


Virtual and Visual

From automation to security, software-defined data centers can benefit state and local governments.

Security Save

Keeping Data Out of Captivity

Administrators must train frontline employees, identify critical systems and implement identity management, among other actions.



The Citizen as a Customer

Around the nation, agencies strive to adopt tools for better communication with their constituents.


Secure in the City

Single sign-on applications offer a simple and affordable way to authenticate employees.


Getting into a Rhythm

Transportation systems seek to ensure their buses travel routes that meet residents’ needs.


Back It All Up

As data becomes more critical and varied, agencies take different approaches to protecting it.


Letter From the Editor

Recover from Ransomware Steadily

As Ransomware as a Service proliferates, cities should ensure that they can restore data quickly to maintain functions.

Contributor Column

Take a Load Off

The rising trend provides benefits for officials, employees and citizens while saving time and resources.

Contributor Column

Count on Counties

Local officials highlight tech concerns prior to the NACo Annual Conference and Exposition, running July 21 to 24.