Technology goes far to support state and local Lean initiatives that streamline workloads for employees and service delivery for citizens.

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Change Agents

Five recently appointed state IT leaders discuss the fresh perspectives and innovation they are bringing to state government.


The digital ledger software can streamline service delivery as well as reduce fraud and errors.

Taking Measure

How to Navigate Cloud Contracts

Guidelines from the Cloud Standards Customer Council help organizations in negotiations with cloud vendors.

Product Review

Enterprise Switching, Entry-Level Pricing

Big features allow users to pay as they grow the network, while also building strategically on what’s already there.

Tech Tips

Optimize Data Deduplication

Tweak storage requirements and bandwidth to speed protection across multiple sites through global deduplication.

Get Smart

Prepare for Your IoT Future

Be sure to understand your vision, strategy and security needs before starting any new state and local smart project.

IT Futurist

Sensing Safety

IoT-connected bridges equipped with sensors and other technology head structural issues off at the pass.


Data Joins the Cyber Toolbox

Data analytics and cross-state information sharing are key to mitigating potential attacks.



Election Integrity

New technology and transparent processes work to restore voters’ faith in the system, as well as election security from hackers.


A Fresh Look at the Cloud

Innovative IT managers look to public and private clouds to find new ways to reduce costs and improve services.


Into High Gear

Future-proofing the data center and improving performance today remain top priorities, and help IT drive greater efficiency.


Contributor Column

Important state and local agency partnerships can achieve substantial cybersecurity goals for the greater good.

Contributor Column

Filling the IT Jobs of Tomorrow

State and local government leaders must consider today how they will fill the technology jobs of tomorrow.

Letter From the Editor

Work Smarter, Not Harder

New technology and new hires go hand-in-hand, new management strategies can help to get young and innovative employees on board.