In Illinois, Colorado and Utah, state elections organizations apply technology and share information to block intrusions by malicious actors.
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Mind the Gaps

These frequently asked questions can help state and local government IT security pros get a handle on the differences between these two security scans.

Tech Trends

Only You

Single sign-on solutions provide access for state users as well as millions of citizens who depend on their agencies.

Product Review

Ready, Set, Store!

This dependable appliance, seemingly tailored for the public sector, brings together incremental backups, cloud synchronization and disaster recovery.


People Come First

The former Intel executive eyes sweeping digital transformation for his city, but he knows to prioritize building a good organization and listening to citizens.

Product Review

Total Package

A Dell government workhorse receives an all-in-one refresh, making it an even better choice for public servants.

Get Smart

No More Static

Forget the notion that these critical connectors change little over time. To get it right, switches require a lot of thinking up front.

Security Save

A Good Offense Is the Best Defense

Governments can now turn to products and services designed to actively uncover threats instead of waiting for future cyberattacks.

Tech Tips

Speed Tips for the Microsoft OS

If agency IT teams check the configurations of Microsoft's platform they can deliver a speedier experience for users.



Made to Fit

Local governments benefitted from scalable and adaptable modular data center technology when working with limited space or when planning to grow.


Civic Intelligence

By embracing practical use cases, municipalities realize benefits from IoT projects earlier.


Caught on Camera

Municipalities have updated their cameras and supporting network, server and storage equipment to boost public safety.


On the Road

Explore the cases of three counties that invested in command vehicles to unite channels for police, fire and others.


Letter From the Editor

Ready for Growth

IT leaders in locales as diverse as Baltimore and Opelika, Ala., know that technology solutions should deliver real-world benefits.

Contributor Column

Mobile Power

Remove physical boundaries from government workspaces to make employees happier and services smarter.

Contributor Column

Comprehensive Risk Mitigation

The states that have deployed the framework find it to be a powerful tool.