For state and local Wi-Fi deployment, a robust cabling structure and core network architecture is critical.

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CIO Interview

On a Mission

Bob Bennett calls on his career as a strategic military planner to expand access to the benefits of technology.

Tech Trends

Detect to Protect

Prevention-only has limits against modern cyberweaponry, so IT leaders turn to rapid discovery and remediation.

Get Smart

Solo Flight

South Dakota Legislative Research Council’s transition to the Apple iPad has simplified device management and cut costs.

Product Review

Rough and Ready

Panasonic’s Toughbook 33 is the first fully rugged detachable tablet with a 3:2 aspect ratio.

IT Futurist

Fast Forward

High-speed, low-latency features will support the sensors underlying the Internet of Things and revolutionize the city experience.

Security Save

On Guard, Under Budget

User education, patch management and more low-cost ways to bring better security.

Product Review

Big Networking, Compact Package

Features include a simple, pass-through front-to-back cooling setup and heat-tolerant components.

Tech Tips

Balancing Act

Contractors, consultants, even employees pose potential threats. Here’s how to protect your critical systems.



The Power of Now

Agencies combine sophisticated analytics and a steady stream of real-time data to improve the lives of citizens.


Smart and Safe

A combination of technology solutions and security strategies empowers IT teams to protect data.


Doing Wireless Right

For state and local Wi-Fi deployment, a robust cabling structure and core network architecture is critical.


Ready for Anything

Faced with earthquakes, hurricanes and other potential disasters, cities and counties ready their continuity of operations and recovery plans.


Are You Future Proof?

With careful planning, state and local governments can protect their IT environments against obsolescence.


From the Editor

Tech in Times of Crisis

Strategies include backup data centers, redundant connections and detailed preplanning.

Contributor Column

Time for a Regional Approach

CIO Jon Walton works with local agencies to help bring internet access to all residents.

Contributor Column

In with the New

New applications and infrastructure also boost security, save costs and help solve a skills gap.