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Get Smart

Shielding Data

States can lead the way in implementing safeguards with a handful of best practices.

Tech Tips

Scale Productivity at Home

This solution maintains the security and productivity of government work-from-home users.

Tech Tips

Smooth Operator

With two servers, administrators can boost uniformity for workers remotely or in the office.

Tech Trends

Workplace on the Go

Cloud-based solution allows employees and contractors alike to access tools from anywhere.

Security Save

Into the Light

Agencies can smartly secure shadow IT without impeding productivity.

Product Review

Go Portable

With upgraded speed and extended battery life, the tablet proves a perfect fit for workers away from home offices.

Product Review

Shelter from the Storm

The software provides a first line of defense against internet threats for government workers in the office or working remotely.


View from the Top

State and local governments can use software-defined networking to explore less expensive and more secure options by leaving traditional protocols behind.



A Refreshing Change

Upgrading network hardware may result in increased reliability and improved security.


Evidence On the Go

Law enforcement takes advantage of the latest tools, from body-worn cameras to speech recognition software, to enhance hands-free mobility.


Collective Wisdom

Shared information and resources become key to cybersecurity protection of voting systems.


Divide and Defend

Segmenting state IT networks contains the scope of security when many state employees are working from home.


Letter From the Editor

A Win-Win Scenario

The strongest remote collaboration tech also enhances productivity for agencies when employees are in-house.

Contributor Column

A Valuable Opportunity

Government workers see familiar threats, but managers can train them to defend networks from anywhere.

Contributor Column

Remote Possibilities

The Center for Internet Security publishes guidance to combat security concerns affecting personal or home office workers.