Real-time crime centers depend on live feeds for valuable intelligence to fight crime.
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Product Review

A Singular Sign-On

A powerful security tool also drives productivity.

Fact or Fallacy

More Than Meets the Eye

From public access to artificial intelligence-powered capabilities, surveillance casts a wider net than generally acknowledged.

Product Review

Drop Anchor

This device supports multiple devices with incredible video and audio bandwidth.


Chief Troubleshooter

The first African American woman to lead the Georgia Technology Authority has prioritized innovation and customer service.

IT Futurist

A Neat Little Package

The networked device could alert authorities to dangerous levels of nitrogen in the water.

Security Save

MFA for Today

State and local agencies have options for strengthening security for signing in to accounts.

Tech Tips

Robust Distrust

The popular operating system’s security features enable many defensive measures by default.


An Interactive Tour Guide

Municipalities may not require anything too complicated when it comes to hardware and software for these helpful devices.



The Real Deal

Agencies apply artificial intelligence and robotic process automation in compliance with REAL ID.


Taking Matters in Hand

Laddermen increasingly rely on smartphones and tablets as tools to contain blazes.


To Thine Own Self Be True

Governments eye increased use of citizen single sign-on for delivery of digital services.


Ghost in the Machine

Localities cite sustainability and safety in deployments of self-driving shuttles and cars.


From the Editor

State and localities should consider how residents interact with government.

Contributor Column

Back to School

The availability of student workers also helps to fill a government IT skills gap.

Contributor Column

Opportunity Knocks

County priorities, ranging from manpower to insurance, came into focus during the COVID-19 pandemic.