Innovations make elections more efficient, accurate and convenient in states and localities.

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Tech Tips

Keep Cool and Consolidate

Organizations can maximize data center per-rack utilization by helping everything run more smoothly and efficiently.

Product Review

Ready to Run

This body-worn camera’s always-on charging and other design features allow first responders to get down to work.

Product Review

Power Meets Portability

Enjoy the speed, clarity and improved graphics with a powerful processor and other features designed for users on the go.

Get Smart

Waste Not, Want Not

Organizations could save thousands by reducing the number of unused software licenses.

Security Save

The Balancing Act

New technology helps organizations achieve balance between security and end-user needs.

CIO Interview

Faster Future

With the help of broadband, Valicenti wires her county for the Internet of Things.

IT Futurist

Smarter Cities

Narrowband Internet of Things makes cities smarter, more efficient and safer.

Tech Trends

Disaster Recovery as a Necessity

When the going gets tough, state and local governments find an ally in cloud-based mission-critical solutions.



Case in Point

State and local IT professionals can win support for data center upgrades by pointing to concrete returns on investment.


The Best of Both Worlds

Governments use hybrid cloud solutions to meet business and constituent needs.


Technology Crime Fighters

Cities put common IT infrastructure to work in the ongoing effort to prevent and reduce criminal activity.

Feature Sidebar

Looking to make a decision? Here's what you should consider when choosing your backup solution.


Real-World IT

No Target Too Small

Critical municipal utility infrastructure remains a prime target for criminal hackers. Arm yourself with these best practices.

Contributor Column

IT Investments Enable Productivity

If state governments were to fully develop IT-driven productivity strategies, they could realize as much as $11 billion in savings over the next five years.

Letter From the Editor

Innovation Marches On

As technology continues to reshape our society, governments are stepping up and playing an important role.