Mobile devices support life-saving counseling and help inmates develop real-world job skills that may decrease recidivism.

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Tech Tips

How to Automate Network Management

The first step toward the self-driving network of the future requires automating the network of now.

Tech Trends

Catch the Wave

Hyperconverged infrastructure helps state and local government eliminate integration and management complexities in the data center.

Get Smart

Get a Handle on Storage and Provisioning

Discover takeaways from several deployment scenarios, and better understand how hyperconverged systems change storage provisioning for VMs.

Security Save

Patch It Up!

Patch delays make agencies vulnerable to hackers, but IT administrators can look to automation and process improvements to better safeguard systems.

IT Futurist

Wi-Fi’s Future

New technology promises longer range, lower power connectivity.

Tech Tips

Enabling Apple Profile Manager

Profile Manager gives organizations greater control over their Apple devices, but IT leaders should read these tips before deploying the mobile device management solution.

Product Review

A Computing Revolution

Powerful processing and rich display capabilities make this lightweight device a good fit for government workers.

Product Review

Fast and Flexible

Thanks to its familiar console interface and management tools, Cisco's HyperFlex platform lets agencies easily embrace and reap the benefits of virtualization.



Access for All

Cities and communities find that providing fast, no-cost internet access to public housing developments comes with challenges — but pays off through social and economic gains.


Threat Patrol

Planning and education help local governments blunt the effects of ransomware attacks.


Every Second Matters

Public safety agencies adopt new dispatch technology that leverages data to speed response times and improve situational awareness for first responders.


Defending Moving Targets

Local governments build security strategies to safeguard their workers’ mobile devices.


From the Editor

Agencies Fight Back

With ransomware on the rise, the public sector has plenty of victims.

Contributor Column

Build a Stronger Cloud

Smart strategies can better balance the gap between Software as a Service functionality and risk.

Contributor Column

Now, More Than Ever

IT has the opportunity to provide greater value in government.