Wearable cameras, evidence analytics software and other devices help give officers a crime-fighting edge.

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Tech Tips

Survive and Thrive

Disaster Recovery as a Service can make all the difference whenever the unexpected happens.

Tech Trends

Streamlined Solution

Infrastructure as a Service helps state and local agencies manage ever-increasing volumes of data.

Security Save

Power in Numbers

With the right measurement plan in place, you’ll boost security, transparency and executive-level visibility.

Product Review

High Energy

The new device does more while using less rack space and reducing clutter and cables.

Product Review

Break the Mold

Although compact in size, this workstation maximizes physical workspace while boosting productivity and improving reliability.

IT Futurist

Virtual Reality Check

The benefits of VR for tourism, public safety and more, come to the forefront as local leaders begin to implement the technology.

Get Smart

Tie Up Loose Ends

As employees move to use multiple devices, follow these critical steps to minimize threats to data.


Feature Sidebar

Smart city projects are sweeping through our streets and changing everything from traffic control to waste management.


Always On

Converged or hyperconverged infrastructure takes advantage of virtualization to ensure high availability.


Buckle Up

As vehicles and transit infrastructure become smarter, cities and states need to secure the Internet of Things highway.


Express Connection

Chicago’s Metra and other agencies have overcome connection challenges to enhance the passenger experience.


Above and Beyond

Streaming video, e-books, mobile hotspots and more are giving patrons what they want.


From the Editor

Steer Safely into the Future

With IoT-based cars and roads exposed to hackers, state and local agencies should steer safely onto the IoT highway.

Contributor Column

High Impact

NASCIO's Emily Lane details the association's campaign to highlight successes and the larger role of IT in transforming and modernizing state government.

Smart IT

Wrangle Data

As data volume continues to rise at an alarming rate, agencies should do more to transform overwhelming amounts of information from a burden into an asset.