The chief information security officers provide insights into how local governments protect citizen data from theft or disclosure.
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Data Unification

Shawn Riley is leading efforts to aggregate data on North Dakota citizens, and in some cases, it’s saving lives.

Product Review

Self-Managed Protection

SonicWall’s firewall appliance is a strong choice for state and local governments watching the bottom line.

IT Futurist

Eyes in the Sky

Public safety agencies find advantages in deploying drones if they have strong uses for them, and can overcome a few initial challenges.


How Analysis Guides State Decisions

From reducing opioid overdoses to improving state vehicle efficiency, these states are making data work for them.

Tech Trends

Divide and Protect

The latest approach to data center security involves policing sensitive workloads at a granular level.

Product Review

Fly Easy

The popular drone comes equipped with controls and equipment that make flying simple.

Get Smart

A Better Connection

This software-defined solution manages traffic while optimizing performance for government branch offices requiring network access.

Tech Tips

Absolute Power

The default configurations on smartphones often sacrifice battery life in favor of convenience, but a few simple changes can provide batteries with more time.

Security Save

Welcome All

State and local IT teams should follow these tips to limit guest access, ensure compliance and provide a frictionless experience for users.



Timely Upgrade

States and cities find success when IT refreshes are driven by use cases rather than artificial cycles.


Data Drives Decisions

The automation of data collection and analysis empowers some state and local governments to better meet the needs of their citizens.


Open for Business

A new generation of gig workers and entrepreneurs heads to the local library to keep overhead low and opportunity high.


Urban Renewal

The city of Detroit suffered a dramatic bankruptcy not long ago. It’s just-as-dramatic rebound heralds an IT revolution with improvements for city workers and residents.


From the Editor

Tech as a Force Multiplier

Tech might seem expensive, but the investment can cut costs and maximize the workforce for state and local agencies.

Contributor Column

A New Operating Model

Over time, the association representing state CIOs has seen a shift to brokerage services, capitalizing on IT developments across government.

Contributor Column

Fix Productivity

Collaboration tools powered by cloud computing and mobile devices offer opportunities to bolster productivity within state and local government agencies.